WOOL  wʊl/


/ a furniture agency warmly representing
in hong kong, china and southeast asia for retail & interior projects

/ wù 物 : meaning object / matter / substance in chinese

/ the fine, soft curly or wavy hair forming the coat of a sheep, an natural, honest material

coming from a lifestyle buying background, we started our scandinavian furniture design agency WOOL (meaning 'object' in chinese as well) to work with a carefully curated selection of up-and-coming danish interior brands, bringing them to retail stores and interior designers around asia.

just like wool - a natural, long lasting material that is commonly find in furniture & fashion industries, each brand we work with is selected because of their classic, thoughtful design and craftsmanship that transcend time and trends. and each has their own unique aesthetics that is versatile enough to be intertwined into different homes and spaces.

going against modern day consumerism, WOOL is a manifesto of our belief in 'buy less but better', hence incorporating good design into various parts of our daily lives to become a lifestyle itself.